Brolo Lassites (deceased)

One of the Coin Lords, known for being flamboyant


Brolo Lassites was one of the infamous Coin Lords but after some espionage and digging from the PCs, he was found to be much more corrupt than most people thought.

Brolo was trafficking paraphernalia from The Cult of the Dragon Below (a cult dedicated to worshiping Khyber) and also secretly replaced one of The Twelve with one of his own agents in order to progress the goals of that cult.

However, his agents were killed and his plot revealed and he responded with a “Trial by Combat” request against his accusers: the PCs. His champions failed him, and he was sacrificed in the pit in the Tomb of Largus Thorpus in Throne Gate Ruins.


Brolo Lassites (deceased)

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