The dutiful yet sullen squire of Sir Ari. He attends to many of the knight's needs and assists him in battle by carrying weapons and watching his back.


Cormag is a fifteen-year old bastard boy with black hair and hazel eyes. He wears dark colors mostly due to his mourning nature since the recent death his half-brother, Sir Hektor and the rest of the Longinus Knights at the hands of Ghularak’s horde.

He keeps a dagger, a large wooden shield, and a mace handy but he is still relatively green in battle, having not killed a foe. He practices regularly with Sir Ari, however.

His backpack holds all his possessions and some of Sir Ari’s.

For his age, Cormag is large but more clumsy and awkward than intimidating.


Born into a noble Breland family as an unwanted bastard, Cormag rarely felt appreciated or desirable in his early life. His noble stepfather often beat him and his mother neglected him when possible. The only family Cormag grew to love were his half-brother Sir Hektor and his half-sister Amelia. Unfortunately for the bastard, Amelia died by a terrible plague at the age of 4 and Sir Hektor recently fell in battle against swarms of Ghularak’s savages.

Before his adoption by Sir Ari, Cormag found solace in his service as squire to the honorable Knights of Longinus and through devotion to Dol Arrah, goddess of the sun, light, and sacrifice.

Now lost in the wilderness of Droaam with a man he deems brave, honorable, generous, and yet unbelievably daft, Cormag searches for answers in the mud and blood of this hospitable realm.


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