Declin Ayolos (deceased)

Ferawyn's (ex? first?) husband


Not much is yet known of Declin Ayolos, but what is is very unsettling to Ferawyn. Although she can’t remember, Declin claims to be her husband. Apparently she ran away from him but now he is a “changed man” and searched her out using the help of Marrelas the elf druid. Expecting her to be whisked away and start anew with him, he tried to kiss Ferawyn and swear that he had changed and she could learn to love him despite the fact it was an arranged marriage. Ferawyn was confused and distraught for she had married Lither Bevogg not even two weeks ago. She also still could not remember much about her past, and confessed that she could not be with him, enraging him as she fled into the night.


Declin Ayolos (deceased)

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