Lither Bevogg

Wiry and smooth-skinned Hobgoblin "noble"


Lither is skinny, but extremely muscular, giving him a lithe, wiry frame. He is roughly 5’6’’ and has smooth, pale green skin and long ears for a Hobgoblin, giving him an overall very attractive appearance. He used to work for Ghularak, but is now a bit turned off by the Hobgoblin’s vicious ways.

He claims to be from a noble family, although what it really was was a failed experiment. Upon the creation of Droaam his community attempted to assimilate by starting a noble line to rule Droaam, but that didn’t fly with many of Droaam’s inhabitants. The idea of being ruled by someone simbly due to birth was abhorrent to the citizens of Droaam, so they destroyed most of his family. Although Lither saved himself by conscripting with Ghularak.

Lither turned out to be a ferocious warrior, and obeyed Ghularak’s every command. He has committed atrocious acts and by the time he realized they were wrong he was already so deep in his allegiance he felt that leaving would make his actions unjustified. However, in light of Ghularak’s recent defeat, he is now searching for redemption.

Is now married to Ferawyn.


Lither Bevogg

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