Murdar d'Tharashk (missing)

Skilled man-hunter


Murdar Tharashk was born with his Greater Dragonmark of Finding. It begins at his lower back and envelopes his waist and thighs. Since birth he was trained to use his mark and put it to use for House Tharashk. He has seen many battles and hunted down many troublesome renegades, bandits, necromancers, and more. Some call him an assassin for his tendency to select runaways with the death sentence, others a hero for making people answer for their crimes.

In truth, this scarred half-orc cares little and less for those he works for, and hunts purely for intrinsic pleasure. He keeps a close diverse group of skilled friends that revere him for his leadership and skill. His most recent task has been to hunt down “Ori” Meeple d’Sivis, and obtain The Idol of Bolol for The Twelve. Many from House Sivis were tentative due to Murdar’s often sketchy ways of dealing with those he hunts.

Murdar is very commonly seen with his friends:

Mira Ironweave – A slender cleric of “Wisdom”
Jackaleif Strongstream – A half-elf trapper
Black Scot – A part duergar dwarf
“Fig” – A dark wrinkly human


Murdar d'Tharashk (missing)

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