"Ori" Meeple d'Sivis (deceased)

Very old Gnome Wizard of the Twelve


Orion “Ori” Meeple d’Sivis is short, even for a gnome, and his hair long gone to the ravages of age. He needs a cane to get around, but has lived a long life of service and total devotion to The Twelve. He has an uncanny intellect and is widely regarded as one of the best mages in the world.

When The Idol of Bolol was discovered in Throne Gate Ruins, Ori was elected to be the one to first lay hands on the Idol. It appeared to give him some sort of divinatory power, and he promptly blasted everyone away from himself, and teleported out with the Idol. Search parties were sent out for Ori, but few can catch such a talented mage.

For more on what happened to Ori, see the Adventure Logs


"Ori" Meeple d'Sivis (deceased)

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