"Princess" Kaya (deceased)

Lodaq's lover, a beautiful orc woman with aqua-colored skin


Kaya is an orc woman who the PCs have only heard of from Lodaq Go-sazz the “Mottled Orc”. He speaks VERY fondly of her, for they were on their way to be married until someone attacked Lodaq, mortally wounding him.

Lodaq passed out from his wounds, but was saved by the efforts of his men and Mint and Splint. However, Kaya was nowhere to be found. Lodaq found and killed the warlord but before opening his throat, Lodaq demanded to know where Kaya was. The warlord said he spared her because of her beauty, and that was all he managed before he drowned in blood.

Lodaq has been searching for her ever since, and occasionally hears of her somewhere in Northwestern Droaam, but has failed to find her for well over a year.

Turns out, after she was separated from Lodaq, Kaya realized her captors were working for The Queen of Stone and planned to bring her to The Queen so The Queen could blackmail the great Lodaq to work for her. However, during the first night on the way back to Cazhaak Draal, Kaya killed the leader of the group and grabbed a blade and began to kill several of her captors. After she slew one of the leaders, many of them fled, and nine remained to fight for her instead of The Queen of Stone. She then donned some thick armor and took on the alias of the “Armored Titan” so The Queen would have trouble finding her she then wandered The Shadow Marches and Droaam and slowly accumulated soldiers to take revenge and cross to the other side of Droaam to find her lover.

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"Princess" Kaya (deceased)

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