Sven (deceased)

7 ft. bald tongueless Serenese barbarian. Supposedly gifted in deciphering the Draconic Prophecy


Sven was subdued and kidnapped after the discovery of his gift at deciphering the Draconic Prophecy by Sebastian Relothi. His tongue was cut out by an unknown source, and he was locked up and had his mind invaded on a regular basis by a Kalashtar psion who worked for Sebastian, in hopes to get snippets of the Draconic Prophecy. However, the bits were often too specific and difficult for Sebastian to be able to follow, until he got a prophecy about The Desert WInd. He executed it to perfection, and it played out exactly how Svens prophecy said it would, on Sebastian’s 76th attempt.

Upon recovery of The Desert Wind, the PCs encountered “Ori” Meeple d’Sivis who gave them a prophecy: “When the sky numbers nine, on the third offer, spill the vermin to the sea.” One thing led to another and the PCs used this to discover Sven containment and realize that Ori probably meant for them to have Sven, and Sebastian reluctantly released him to the PCs.


Sven (deceased)

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