The Daughters of Sora Kell

The 3 hag rulers of Droaam


Sora Katra, Sora Maenya, and Sora Teraza joined together and during The Last War, landed a fleet of ships off the west coast of at-the-time Breland, and conquered the entire region with their army. The hags were content with their piece of land, and established their own nation amid the chaos of the war.

They still rule it today, and have tentative trade and alliance with the west of Khorvaire.

Sora Katra is the Voice, and well liked in Droaam. She is also a well known shapeshifter and very deceitful and cunning, but also oddly loving.

Sora Maenya is the Iron Fist, and the most hated of the three. A hulking huge woman of legendary strength, many claim Maenya likes to devour flesh and collect souls… both of which are true to the highest degree.

Sora Teraza is the Eyes and Mind, and is the most mysterious and least seen. She is an unrivaled oracle and prophet, helping her to overcome her blindness. A hunched hooded and wretched looking thing, she spends most of her time casting spells and gazing into the future form her immense library in The Great Crag. She is also the one who convinced the Sora Katra and Sora Maenya to join together and found Droaam.

Sora Maenya is now dead, and the other two are missing.


The Daughters of Sora Kell

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