The Lord of Blades (deceased)

Warforged paragon, King of the Mournland


The Lord of Blades is a Warforged of legendary proportions. He appeared shortly after the Day of Mourning in the Mournland and is known for his bold ideology.

More specifically, he wants Warforged to become a world-recognized race and The Mournland their nation, seeing as how the Warforged are immune to most of the dangers of The Mournland. This wouldn’t be that ridiculous, if he did not as well claim that Warforged are a master race meant to rule over all those of the flesh.

Despite the obvious evil and uncompromising nature of his ideologies, The Lord of Blades’ preaching has become so popular and radical to the point of some Warforged worshiping him and/or his goals as a god or religion. He commands an respectable army and his location in The Mournland is unknown.

Mana Abintus “Abi” was created by The Lord of Blades, and he taught her a language that only Warforged can speak.

While nobody knows where The Lord of Blades came from, a few theories exist:

1) The Lord of Blades was the masterpiece of Starrin d’Cannith, “The Great Gorgon” and he created him before his sudden death in The Day of Mourning explosion.
2) The Lord of Blades is actually Bulwark, the personal bodyguard of King Boranel of Breland. Bulwark was of similar proportions and dissapeared just before The Day of Mourning.
3) The Lord of Blades was an unfinished or regular Warforged but was made supernatural in the magical maelstrom that occurred on The Day of Mourning.

Few have lived to see The Lord of Blades and report of it, but it is known that he has many Warforged attachments and some spellcasting abilities, but is also a deadly warrior. Most report him being large and black and red in color, and an almost fiendish aura.


The Lord of Blades (deceased)

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