Thorik "the Ranger" Grindingstone (deceased)

An accomplished ranger-mercenary in Xen'drik


Thorik Grindingstone or Thorik the Ranger. This Dwarf fights with a large repeating crossbow and his panther “Cave.” Cautious, cunning, and a lethal strategist, Thorik and his band carry quite the reputation. He is also known for his short temper, and great aim.

Thorik’s party “The Paragons” includes:
Thorik and Cave
Clorvekka the Strong
Felias Crumbleweed
Garth of Greenway
Mana Abintus “Abi”

Thorik got carried away by his bad temper. After his chances of grandeur were ruined by the PCs, he died at the hand of his own party as well as the PCs after he tried to slight the PCs by entering Miugrov’s Vault and stealing away the treasure.


Thorik "the Ranger" Grindingstone (deceased)

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