Xor'chylic (deceased)

Mindflayer governor of Graywall


One of the first cities to be created was the city of Graywall, at the foot of the mountains it is named for. Rumor has it that one of the Daughters of Sora Kell, Sora Teraza, found one of Dyrrn’s servants trapped beneath the ruins: an illithid named Xor’chylic. Xor’chylic was freed, and pleaded loyalty to the Daughters of Sora Kell. Sora Teraza ordered Xor’chylic to take over the ruins, and from the ruins of Korash Khaar came the city of Graywall. Xor’chylic used the medusa masons of Cazhaak Draal, combined with brute ogre strength, soon built the second largest city in the new nation of Droaam. Xor’chylic designed the layout of the city with subliminal patterning, designed to make newcomers to the city feel dread and apprehension.

For the past four years, the mind flayer Xor’chylic has been the governor of Graywall, and holds the power of life and death over its inhabitants. Though Droaam does not follow the Code of Galifar, Xorchylic has no patience for monsters that kill without reason, and the people of Droaam know better than to provoke his wrath.

Xor’chylic enforces his rule with the Flayer’s Guard, a group of monsters with full allegiance to him and the Daughters, thanks to his psychic influence. The Flayer’s Guard is led by Korgel Blackblade, and is comprised of a force of ogres, orcs, and minotaurs supplemented by harpies, gargoyles, and a squad of war trolls trained by Sora Maenya. In addition, Xor’chylic can call upon the 100 gnolls of the Znir Pact stationed in Graywall, and his allies in House Tharashk to help support any defense of the city necessary. Although it has the trappings of a border town, Graywall is also a military outpost that stands ready to defend the pass against Brelish aggression, or to launch a raid, if needed. All workers in the Stone Pit undergo basic militia training and can take up arms if necessary.

Xor’chylic is a powerful Psionicist, and rules strictly and cleanly. He is extremely cruel to those who challenge him, and open handed to those who serve him well, like his war troll general Korgel Blackblade. However, Xor’chylic is extremely old, and fairly frail. He is more often than not seen with a cane and limp. His tentacled face is full of wrinkles and and dry skin. Despite his age he and hunch he is tall for an illithid, and walks among his people in Graywall quite often.

Although Xor’chylic claims to be completely devoted to The Daughters of Sora Kell, most know he true passion is revenge. Xor’chylic would love nothing more than to go back to Khyber and destroy those who exiled him to the surface. Some say Korgel Blackblade and the Daughters are the only ones who know why he was exiled.


Xor'chylic (deceased)

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