Zonk the White Death (deceased)

A feared warlord in Droaam, slain by Ghularak


Zonk is a large (even for an ogre) pale ogre who fashions himself “The White Death.” This name he has earned by cladding himself head to toe in an amalgam of bleached bones taken as prizes form his kills. So many and so large are his kills that he has made a full suit of bone armor. His two most well known prizes are his helmet and sword. Zonk’s helmet is a hollowed out Minotaur skull with fully intact horns. His greatsword is a small dragon’s spine, sharpened to become a massive blade.

Although not the most feared, Zonk is a well known raging warlord who raids and pillages as he pleases.

Zonk and his horde were annihilated by Ghularak and his army.


Zonk the White Death (deceased)

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