Dragonmarks are mysterious magical tattoos that appear on various races of Eberron. They can manifest at any time throughout ones life, but only appear on certain races. More details about the marks and which races can bear which mark are detailed on the page: The Dragonmarked Houses of Khorvaire.

The Twelve has partially dedicated its research to the study of Dragonmarks: where they come from, why some have them and others do not. Although little is known about them, a few things are known:

  • Only certain races can develop them (all standard races in the PHB)
  • There are currently 12 marks that one can develop, each with 4 stages of power (the mark of death no longer exists)
  • Dragonmarks are at least partly passed down genetically (which is why the Dragonmakred Houses hold their families to such high esteeem)
  • They can manifest anywhere on the body at any time of some one’s life
  • If Dragonmarked bloodlines intermingle or occasionally without any warning, some one can develop an “Aberrant Dragonmark” where the tattoo does not resemble any of the 12 normal marks, and gives the bearer an ability

The four stages of power are:

  1. Least – about the size of a fist
  2. Lesser – about the size of a face
  3. Greater – can easily cover your back
  4. Siberys – full body

A Siberys mark is exceedingly rare, and only seem to appear on great individuals, and bestow on the bearer extreme power. Only 3 people currently bear a Siberys Dragonmark.

  • Rurik d’Kundarak, a legendary Dwarf fighter with the Siberys Mark of Warding
  • Maagrim d’Tharashk, a half-orc druid of House Tharashk’s triumvarate. Known for her ability to shapeshift into a Manticore.
  • Gaven d’Lyrandar, a half-elf with a Siberys Mark of Storm. He was excoriated after the Shadow Schism for helping Baron Elar d’Thuranni. He went mad shortly after and was deemed too dangerous and too important and was sent to Dreadhold. However, Gaven is the only person to EVER escape the Dreadhold, and has not been seen since. Most theories claim he fled to Argonnessen on a tidal wave.

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