The cradle of human civilization Sarlona was once the only continent featuring the presence of the human race, the humans have since spread to Khorvaire and their native land has been overrun by The Inspired. Now humans pay homage to Inspired lords in an oppressive feudal society.

The Inspired are the lords and rulers of Riedra, the Chosen vessels of the Quori manipulators of Dal Quor who use the nation for their own purposes.

The counterpoint to the Inspired, the kalashtar are voluntary vessels of Quori who know fully what they are getting into. They are usually limited to Adar if they have not already fled to Khorvaire to escape the Inspired.

Adar is the mountainous region southeast of Riedra, and east of Syrkarn. It is inhabited mostly by humans (including the kalashtar), though there is a prominent contingent of dragons on the uppermost peaks.
To its inhabitants, Adar is mostly known as a refuge from the dictatorship of Riedra, and many of its residents can trace their lineage to refugees and dissidents of the Riedran state. To this day, Riedra considers Adar a danger to its enforced stability, and regularly sends troops to attack the borders of the region.

Riedra is a vast empire, encompassing the whole continent of Sarlona. It is ruled by the Inspired, mortal vessels for the sinister quori. The only opposition to Riedra’s supremacy over Sarlona is the small mountain enclave of Adar, a stronghold of the kalashtar.

Syrkarn is the south-central nation on the continent of Sarlona. It consists of a mostly agrarian society, made up of orcs, orges, eneko (an orc-ogre hybrid), and a minority of humans and half-orcs.
Although Syrkarn lies right below the Inspired-ruled nation of Riedra, it does not engage in conflict or opposition to the fascist psionic state (unlike its neighbor, Adar). The theories on this vary, but include:
- Riedra does not deem Syrkarn worthy of its resources.
- Syrkarn’s society and technology (magical or otherwise) are not advanced enough to threaten Riedra.
- The Inspired leadership fear the demons and rajahs rumored to be contained below the surface of Syrkarn.

The Tashana Tundra lies northwest of Riedra, and is a region of mostly tundra and mountains. It is not an official nation, but is defined by its lack of Riedran tyranny.
The land is mostly inhabited by shifters, humans (barbarians), and duergar.



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