The 16 Nations of Khorvaire

After the most recent war, the original five nations of Khorvaire (Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane) were turned into 16. Four of the original remain after the destruction of Cyre (now the Mournland). The four nations are still strong, but smaller due to the sprouting of the other nations.

Aundair is one of the five nations of the original Kingdom of Galifar. Although much of its western forest territory has now become the Eldeen Reaches, Aundair still possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply the nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines while large institutions of higher learning output scholars and knowledge.

Capital: Fairhaven
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn
Population: 2,000,000
Humans 51%
Half-elves 16%
Elves 11%
Gnomes 11%
Halflings 5%
Shifter 3%
Changelings 2%
Other 1%
Religions: Silver Flame, Sovereign Host
Exports: Wine, cheese, grains, agriculture, books


Breland lies in the southwest of the continent of Khorvaire enjoying one of the largest areas of the nations and territories. Breland is a mix of open farmland, woodland and sprawling metropolis, the most famous of which is Sharn. The Lightning Rail originates out of Sharn and from there travels across Breland and out to the other nations of Khorvaire, while House Orien roadways branch out to more remote locations among the countryside.

Capital: Wroat
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Ruler: King Boranel
Population: 3,700,000
Humans 44%
Gnomes 14%
Half-elves 10%
Elves 8%
Halflings 4%
Changelings 4%
Goblinoids 4%
Orcs 3%
Other 2%
Religions: Sovereign Host, Silver Flame
Exports: Weapons, armor, tools, processed ore, metalwork, manufactured goods, heavy industry


Darguun is a nation that broke off from Cyre during the Last War, when goblin mercenaries seized the region for their own. The nation has become a host for many members of their race seeking a homeland including hobgoblins and bugbears. Some believe it will allow them to return to the glories of the ancient Dhakaani Empire.

Capital: Rhukaan Draal (pop: 82,460)
Government: Feudal (official), Tribal (Traditional)
Ruler: Lhesh Haruuc
Population: 800,000
Goblins 39%
Hobgoblins 29%
Bugbears 13%
Kobolds 6%
Humans 6%
Other 7%
Religions: ancestor worship, foreign religions
Imports: none
Exports: mercenaries, slaves


On the outer fringe of Khorvaire both physically and socially The Demon Wastes is a forbidden realm of barren rock, the last remnant of the ancient civilization of rakshasas that reigned over Khorvaire before the Age of Monsters and long before humans ever stepped foot on Khorvaire’s soil.

Capital: None
Government: None
Ruler: None
Population: 600,000
Humans 45%
Orcs 28%
Half-orcs 2%
Demons 25%
Religions: Kalok Shash, Fiend worship
Exports: None

The demon wastes

Droaam is a region ruled by monsters. Few of the civilized races dare to test its borders. Their connection with the rest of Khorvaire is limited to a single House Orien roadway that passes through Graywall and into The Great Crag.

Capital: The Great Crag
Ruler: Daughters of Sora Kell
Population: 500,000
Gnoll 20%
Orc 19%
Goblin 18%
Shifter 5%
Other Races 38%
Exports: Mercenaries


The Eldeen Reaches are covered by heavy forest, though some cities have formed around the borders of Breland and Aundair.

Capital: Greenheart
Ruler: Oalian
Population: 500,000
Human 45%
Half-elves 16%
Shifters 16%
Gnomes 7%
Halflings 7%
Orcs 3%
Elves 3%
Other 3%
Religions: Druidic Sects, Cult of the Dragon Below, Sovereign Host
Exports: Agriculture, animal husbandry

Eldeen reaches

One of the Five Nations of Khorvaire, Karrnath is a nation ruled by King Kaius III that is proud of its martial heritage and is the oldest of the Five Nations. It was founded by Karrn the Conqueror over two thousand years ago. The nation is particularly noted for its widespread use of undead troopers during the Last War and also the ruthless dictatorship of its monarch.

Capital: Korth
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: King Kaius III
Population: 2,500,000
Humans 52%
Dwarf 18%
Halflings 10%
Half-elves 8%
Elves 8%
Other 4%
Religions: Sovereign Host, Blood of Vol
Exports: Ale, dairy, glass, grain, livestock, lumber, paper, textiles


Pirates, sea barons, merchant traders and all with a love of the water find their home in the Lhazaar Principalities. With a history that is equal part piracy and seafaring trade the Principalities have remained a separate entity from the kingdom of Galifar even during the years they pledged allegiance to the crown. Now, with the nation of Galifar officially shattered the Lhazaar Principalities have formed a loose confederacy of states each ruled by their own sea prince living a life where might makes right and the man with the most and biggest ships rule the sea.

Capital: Regalport
Government: Confederation of Principalities
Ruler: Multiple Princes
Population: 500,000
Humans 42%
Gnomes 16%
Half-Elves 14%
Changelings 12%
Dwarf 5%
Elf 4%
Halfling 4%
Other 3%
Religions: Blood of Vol
Exports: Ships, Mercenaries, Trade Goods

The lhazaar principalities

Once, Cyre shone more brightly than any of its sibling nations in the kingdom of Galifar. The Last War took a toll on the nation and its citizens, slowly toppling its many achievements as it became the battleground on which the armies of Karrnath and Thrane and Breland clashed. Finally, disaster struck. No one knows if the catastrophe was caused by a weapon from an enemy nation or a doomsday device of Cyre’s own design. The cataclysm may have been deliberate; it may have been an accident. In the end, the result was the same. Beautiful Cyre, jewel of Galifar’s vast holdings, exploded in a blast of arcane power the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the ruin of Xen’drik forty thousand years before. On the Day of Mourning in 994 YK, Cyre disappeared. Now the region that was once Cyre goes by a different, darker name. Now it is simply the Mournland. A dead-gray mist hugs the borders of the Mournland, creating a barrier that only occasionally offers a glimpse of the desolation and devastation inside. Beyond the mist, this battle-scarred region remains a grim memory of the Last War, cloaked in perpetual twilight. Like a wound that will not heal, the land is broken and blasted. In some places the ground has fused into jagged glass. In others, it is cracked and burned and gouged. Broken bodies of soldiers from various sides litter the landscape—soldiers whose dead bodies refuse to decompose. The Mournland is, quite literally, a vast open grave. In the Mournland, the wounds of war never heal, vile magical effects linger, and monsters mutate into even more foul and horrible creatures. Arcane effects continue to rain upon the land like magical storms that never dissipate. Misshapened by the unnatural forces present across the region, monsters rage and hunt as they struggle to survive. Sometimes even some of the dead, animated by strange powers radiating from the blasted ground, rise up to continue fighting the war that has long since ended for the living. In this land of disaster and mutation, a charismatic warforged gathers followers to his side and seeks to build an empire of his own.

Capital: None
Government: None
Ruler: None Officially. The Lord of Blades
Population: 1,000
Warforged 98%
Other 2%
Religions: Lord of Blades
Exports: None


The Mror Holds are known as the homeland of the dwarves. Not only is the Mror Holds one of the few dwarven lands in Khorvaire, but it is estimated that no fewer than 455,000 dwarves live there; many more than any other known location. However, the dwarves aren’t the only inhabitants of the mountainous region.

Capital: Krona Peak
Government: Oligarchy
Ruler: Arbiter of the Iron Council, Torlan Mroranon
Population: 700,000
Dwarves 65%
Humans 12%
Orcs 10%
Gnomes 8%
Other 5%
Religions: Sovereign Host, The Mockery, Dragon Below
Exports: Banking, Precious & Non Precious Metals

Mror holds

Q’Barra is mostly a dangerous frontier nation recognized by the Thronehold Accords. Originally founded by Duke Ven ir’Kesslan, a Cyran refugee the few civilized settlements continue to struggle against tribes of lizardfolk, Valenar warbands, Lhazaar raiders and Kobold marauders from the Endworld Mountains not to mention disease riddled swamp lands, dire and horrid lizards and dinosaurs. Q’barra is a land for the brave and the tenacious.

Capital: Newthrone
Government: Feudal
Ruler: King Sebastes ir’Kesslan
Population: 300,000
Lizardfolk 40%
Humans 30%
Kobolds 7%
Halflings 7%
Dwarves 3%
Half-Elves 2%
Other 3%
Religions: Sovereign Host, Silver Flame
Exports: Eberron Dragonshards

Q barra

The Shadow Marches are little more than fetid backwater swamps where Orcs have lived for thousands of years. Still, a glimmer of civilization lingers here, if one has enough tenacity and endurance to seek it out.

Capital: Zarash’ak
Government: Tribal
Ruler: Clan Warlords
Population: 500,000
Orcs 55%
Humans 25%
Goblins 10%
Half-orcs 7%
Other 3%
Religions: Gatekeepers, The Cult of the Dragon Below
Exports: Eberron Dragonshards, Herbs

Shadow marches

The Talenta Plains are a vast grassland stretching from the Blade Desert to the borders of Karrnath and the Mournland. It is the home of wandering herds of buffalo-sized dinosaurs and tribal halflings remaining true to their ancient nomadic way of life since the days before humans walked the lands of Khorvaire.

Capital: Gatherhold
Government: Decentralized
Ruler: Individual Tribal Laths
Population: 400,000
Halfling 80%
Human 10%
Changeling 4%
Dwarf 4%
Other 2%
Religions: Ancestor and animal worship, Balinor
Exports: None

Talenta plains

One of the original Five Nations, Thrane is now a nation dominated by theology. Desperate to show the world the light of the Silver Flame, you are more likely to encounter a missionary from Thrane than a farmer.

Capital: Flamekeep
Government: Theocracy / Monarchy
Ruler: Keeper of the Flame Jaela Daran / Queen Diani ir’Wynarn
Population 2,300,000
Humans 70%
Half-Elves 10%
Dwarves 9%
Elf 4%
Halflings 4%
Other 3%
Religions: The Silver Flame, Sovereign Host
Exports: Fine crafts, wool, textiles, missionaries, fruit, livestock


Valenar is a nation that broke away from the nation of Cyre during the Last War when the mercenary elves of the Valenar subrace revolted. The land became part of the kingdom of Cyre and remained uninhabited by the elves for millenia, until 914 YK and the outbreak of the Last War, in which a mercenary splinter of the Aerenal elves known as the Valaes Tairn found the opportunity they were looking for. An uncharacteristically fierce and warlike faction, the Valaes Tairn (sometimes called the Tairnadal elves) revel in battle, seeing it as both an art form and a way to honor their ancestors.

Capital: Taer Valaestas
Population 70,000
Elves 43%
Humans 28%
Half-Elves 15%
Halflings 5%
Hobgoblins 5%
Other 4%
Exports: Horses, mercenary services


Zilargo is the gnome nation of Khorvaire.

Capital: Trolanport
Government: Democracy
Ruler: The Triumvirate
Population: 250,000
Gnomes 60%
Humans 16%
Dwarves 11%
Kobolds 7%
Other 6%
Religions: Sovereign Host, Silver Flame, Dragon Below
Exports: Alchemical goods, education, entertainment, maps, precious stones, ships


The 16 Nations of Khorvaire

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