The Dragonmarked Houses of Khorvaire

The 13 Dragonmarked Houses of Khorvaire are both economic and political giants. Each house uses their familial mark to establish a monopoly on the respective trade. In total there are 13 marked houses, but only 12 marks (House Thuranni and Phiarlan both bear the Mark of Shadow). There used to be another house called House Vol, but that house (along with the Mark of Death) was eradicated in the War of the Mark.

The 13 remaining houses and their respective marks and economic empires are as follows:

House Cannith Mark of Making Humans Magical research and invention
House Deneith Mark of Sentinel Humans Mercenary powerhouse
House Ghallanda Mark of Hospitality Halflings Housing and food related
House Jorasco Mark of Healing Halflings Healing (duh)
House Kundarak Mark of Warding Dwarves Protection of goods
House Lyrandar Mark of Storm Half-elves Airships and weather
House Medani Mark of Detection Half-elves Detectives and sentries
House Orien Mark of Passage Humans Travel and teleportation
House Phiarlan Mark of Shadow Elves Divination, illusions, and entertainment
House Sivis Mark of Scribing Gnomes Translators, diplomats, communication
House Tharashk Mark of Finding Half-orcs Locating people and objects
House Thuranni Mark of Shadow Elves Espionage, sabotage, information
House Vadalis Mark of Handling Humans Almost anything animal related

There are 2 other “unofficial” Dragonmarked Houses that are as follows:

House Vol (extinct) Mark of Death (no longer exists) Elves Unknown
House Tarkanan Aberrant Marks All dragonmarked races Assassinations, mercenaries, thievery


Dragonmarked Houses and Names

Each House is made up of several families, and the original family. For example, House Deneith has members with the last name “Swift” and the last name “Deneith.” When addressing a member of a Dragonmarked House, you say their full name and add " d’ " before the name of the Dragonmarked House. If they come from the original family, you can say either “Mandon Deneith” or “Mandon d’Deneith” but for a Swift, you would say “Pielan Swift d’Deneith.” If the member does not come from a family with a last name or is the child of such a marriage, it is acceptable to address them with the " d’ " (Mandon d’Deneith works if Mandon is a true Deneith or not, but Mandon Deneith is only allowed if he is a member of the original family).


House Cannith


Cannith family

Burlon family
Sty family
Odwell family
Rewton family
Hardmound family

House Deneith


Deneith family

  • Baron Breven d’Deneith
    – Cassalyn Redwell (Breven’s wife)
    – Tuchio Deneith “Redblade” (Breven’s son)
    – Barabus Deneith (Breven’s son)
    – Maya Deneith (Breven’s daughter)
  • Cutter Deneith (Breven’s younger brother)
    – Alice ir’Vabel d’Deneith (Cutter’s wife)
    – Tumult Deneith “Coldsteel” (Cutter’s son)
    – Grace Deneith (Cutter’s daughter)
    – Mandon Deneith (Cutter’s son, a boy)
  • Dasei Deneith (Breven’s younger sister)
    – Guylion Destramount d’Deneith (Dasei’s husband)
    – Kazzei Deneith (Dasei’s daughter)
    – Missie Deneith (Dasei’s daughter, died at birth)
    – Collin Deneith (Dasei’s son)
  • Zarius Deneith (deceased, died in combat)
  • Merlon Deneith (deceased, died in combat)

Destramount family
– Guylion Destramount d’Deneith (Dasei Deneith’s husband)
Horus family
Faragard family
Aaebek family
Swift family
Likon family
Klinkingsteel family

House Ghallanda


Ghallanda family

  • Baron Yoren Ghallanda
    – Barbra Gullion d’Ghallanda (Yoren’s wife)
    – Patrick Ghallanda (Yoren’s son)
    – Pala Ghallanda (Yoren’s daughter)
  • Jessie Ghallanda (Yoren’s younger sister)
    – Alton Burrowfoot d’Ghallanda (Jessie’s husband)
  • Regina Ghallanda (Yoren’s younger sister)
    – Fax Yuppie d’Ghallanda (Regina’s husband)
  • Jenna Ghallanda (Yoren’s younger sister, pregnant)
    – Armen Wheatwind d’Ghallanda (Jenna’s husband)

Weeping-grass family
Burrowfoot family
– Alton Burrowfoot d’Ghallanda (Jessie’s husband)
Wheatwind family
– Armen Wheatwind d’Ghallanda (Jenna’s husband)
Yuppie family
– Fax Yuppie d’Ghallanda (Regina’s husband)

House Jorasco


Jorasco family

  • Ulara d’Jorasco
    – Xulian Hartwood (her husband, deceased from old age)
  • Mara Jorasco (Ulara’s daughter)
    – Zacharias Silver d’Jorasco (Mara’s husband)
  • Zatrina Jorasco (Ulara’s daughter)
    – Arnold Currtle d’Jorasco (Zatrina’s husband)
    – Masie Jorasco (Zatrina’s daughter)
  • Unna Jorasco (Ulara’s daughter)
    – Matthias Currtle d’Jorasco (Unna’s husband)
    – Jhogo Jorasco (Unna’s son, lost)
    – Richard Jorasco (Unna’s son)

Silver family
– Zacharias Silver d’Jorasco (Mara’s husband)
Currtle family
– Arnold Currtle d’Jorasco (Zatrina’s husband)
– Matthias Currtle d’Jorasco (Unna’s husband)

House Lyrandar


  • Desmond Lyrandar (Esravash’s father, deceased, died of age and grief for Gaven)
    – Gaven Lyrandar (Desmond’s eldest, excoriated and missing for his crimes during the Shadow Schism)
    – Milante Lyrandar (Desmond’s daughter, deceased, died young of illness)
    Baron Esravash d’Lyrandar (Desmond’s heir and the Head of House Lyrandar)
  • Derek Lyrandar (Esravash’s uncle)
    – Dallia Seamyst d’Lyrandar (Derek’s wife)
    Erintin Lyrandar (Derek’s eldest son)
    – Liowar Lyrandar (Derek’s younger son)
  • Luclin Lyrandar (Esravash’s uncle)
    – Gayla Brightbow d’Lyrandar (Luclin’s wife)
    – Cortain Lyrandar (Luclin’s son)

Seamyst family
– Dallia Seamyst d’Lyrandar (Desmond’s daughter, deceased, died young of illness)
Brightbow family
– Gayla Brightbow d’Lyrandar (Luclin’s wife)

House Phiarlan


  • Hilas Phiarlan (Elvinor’s father, assassinated during The Last War)
  • Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan
    – Marcos Springhaven d’Phiarlan (Elvinor’s husband, killed by a demon)
    – Mariah Phiarlan (Elvinor’s daughter)
    – Aryse Phiarlan (Elvinor’s son)
  • Teesha Phiarlan (Elvinor’s sister, elusive and hasn’t been seen in years)
    – Sajam Tarkanan (Teesha’s half-elf bastard by an unknown father)

Nighteye family
– Yustra Nighteye d’Phiarlan (scout at the Titan’s Teeth)
Springhaven family
– Everen Springhaven d’Phiarlan (A Mystic Theurge of The Twelve)
Daybreeze family
– Imry Daybreeze d’Phiarlan (extreme cartographer ranger/sorcerer)

House Thuranni


House Vadalis


  • Dalin d’Vadalis (Head of House Vadalis)
    – Deseray Proudwing d’Vadalis (Dalin’s wife)
    – Issendra Vadalis (Dalin’s daughter)
    – Sozin Vadalis (Dalin’s son)
    – Yowen Vadalis (Dalin’s son)
    Manos Vadalis (Dalin’s son)
  • Armond Vadalis (Dalin’s brother, died during The Last War)
    – Michelle Nesseran d’Vadalis (Armond’s wife, died with child during The Last War)
  • Jissolda Vadalis (Dalin’s sister, pregnant)
    – Zoxin Nesseran d’Vadalis (Jissolda’s husband)
    – Yule Vadalis (Jissolda’s son, a young boy)

Proudwing family
– Deseray Proudwing d’Vadalis (Dalin’s wife)
– Marcio Proudwing d’Vadalis (An old wizard of The Twelve)
Nesseran family
– Michelle Nesseran d’Vadalis (Armond’s wife, died with child during The Last War)
– Zoxin Nesseran d’Vadalis (Jissolda’s husband)
Sigilstar family
Mewton family
Springer family
– Irrian Springer d’Vadalis (Emissary to Droaam)

Others recognized by house
Veera d’Vadalis

The Dragonmarked Houses of Khorvaire

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