The Number 13

In the world of Eberron, the number 13 is especially unlucky.

Nobody is quite sure why, but there have been several times throughout history

where as soon as there becomes 13 of something

one of them dissapears.

There are many morbid examples of this phenomenon.

One of which is Eberron’s moons, there used to be 13 but one dissapeared and has not returned.

Another is the nations of Khorvaire.

During the Last War once a 13th nation was officially recognized, Cyre exploded (now the Mournland)

There were 13 Dragonmarks, but now there are 12 (The Mark of Death was destroyed with House Vol)

There used to be 13 dwarf clans, but now there are 12

The ancient calendar of the giants had 13 months, but now there are only 12.

A common phrase in Eberron is “13 minus 1.”

The Number 13

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