The Purge

The Purge was a lycanthropic inquisition heralded by The Church of the Silver Flame in the year 832 YK. during the 800s lycanthropy was at a dangerously high rate, so the Silver Flame issued a church sanctioned crusade to wipe out all lycanthropes.

With this problem, Keeper Jolan Sol announced that the church had determined that lycanthropy was not just a disease of the body, but of the soul, and that those infested with the disease were beyond cure. He called for an immediate extermination of all lycanthropes and shifters on Khorvaire, asking for all loyal worshipers of the Silver Flame to take up arms and purge the lycanthropes and shifters from the face of Eberron.

The Inquisition started out as a noble cause, but quickly turned dark. Other than lycanthropes, crusaders of the Silver Flame also persecuted and murdered countless Shifters. Many people were falsely accused of being lycanthropes and killed by vigilantes and thugs. Even worse, self proclaimed holy warriors committed countless atrocities towards lycanthropes and Shifters. “Full moon hunts” were common and brutal

After three years of tooth-and-nail fighting against Shifters and Lycanthropes, Keeper Jolan Sol declared that Shifters were in fact separate from lycanthropes and capable of good. However, the damage was already done and Shifters were hated and feared and vengeful. The Purge continued until 880. Most survivors of the Purge fled to the plane Lammania, the Demon Wastes, or Droaam.

The purge

The Purge

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