The Shadow Marches

Capital Zarash’ak
Government Tribal
Ruler Clan Warlords
Population 500,000
Orcs 55%
Humans 25%
Goblins 10%
Half-orcs 7%
Other 3%
Religions Gatekeepers, The Cult of the Dragon Below
Exports Eberron Dragonshards, Herbs

The Shadow Marches are little more than fetid backwater swamps where Orcs have lived for thousands of years. Still, a glimmer of civilization lingers here, if one has enough tenacity and endurance to seek it out.

After years of war, the orcs are a dying race. They lick their wounds and live depressing lives here in the swamps of Khorvaire. The only redeeming quality of the Marches to the rest of the world is its massive quantity of Eberron Dragonshard Fragments. These fragments are harvested by orc slaves for either their owners or just to buy enough food to scrape by.

Shadow marches

The Shadow Marches

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