The mysterious continent of Xen’drik is a massive landmass that exists south of the continent of Khorvaire, beyond Shargon’s Teeth and Thunder Sea. It has recently begun to be explored by agents of the Four Nations in hopes of making profit from the relics found there amongst other natural resources.

Hidden within the wild and untamed land are the desolate ruins of the ancient Giant Civilization. After battling the Quori the Giant Civilization was destroyed by the Dragon population of Argonnessen when they attempted to use their highly advanced devices to put down an elven slave revolt.

Aerenal Elves trace their origins to Xen’drik in the long forgotten past.

Xen’drik is now a continent mostly inhabited by drow, and degenerate Giants. It is a wild and untamed place with fabulous eldritch machines along with unimaginable treasures. It is still largely unexplored.

South of Xen’drik is the land mass of Everice.

Xen drik


  • Shargon’s Teeth
    Cluster of tiny islands surrounded by Sahuagin infested waters, off the north shore.
  • Throne Gate Ruins
    An ancient and long-abandoned giant city. The Tomb of Largus Thorpus is also located here, a recently excavated tomb of a fire giant paragon. The old resting place of the Idol of Bolol.
  • Titan’s Teeth
    A small but incredibly tall mountain cluster. Dangerous to traverse, home to giant vermin and twisting ravines. Also known for the Titan Pillars.
  • Jungles of Xen’drik
    The lush jungles of Xen’drik hold many mysteries. From The Traveler’s Curse to the diverse biomes, the Jungles are largly where the continent derives its nickname “The Continent of Mysteries.” The jungles also hold many other obstacles, such as quicksand, Hliska (chameleon-esque rats), ration rot moss, and living plants. The jungles are very diverse, very rewarding, and very dangerous.
  • Menechtarun Desert
    The Menechtarun is similar to most other large sand deserts. One of the exceptions being its high population of Demons, leading to its nickname: “The Demon Sands.” Demons and devils have been known to sprout from the ground and attack travelers, making the desert very difficult and dangerous to traverse.
  • Dread Lake
    This lake is in the deepest end of the Jungles of Xen’drik. It is filed with Brackish water and houses many demonic and terrifying aquatic monstrosities.
  • Bazek Mohl
    This used to be a Cyclopean city, but not it is a Cyclopean ruin. When the Age of Giants ended the Faerie Court of Thelanis opened several gates and invaded the home of the cyclops. Swarms of fey did battle with the cyclops and drove them from their city, leaving the land around Bazek Mohl looking very fey-touched in nature.
  • Thunderwall
    The edge of the world, this haven for the ancient giant civilization lies in the Bluespine Mountains and is usually caked in snow. Here also lies the Great Sky Temple, an old giant temple, as well as a massive planar orrery and rift gateway.


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