Welcome to my Eberron campaign!

This is the current homepage. These two campaigns have now finished! Feel free to surf around the pages and read about the story or characters.

There will be two main groups:

Droaam group AKA Group A currently consists of:
Alex Anderson – Desmond
Mason Fraker – Revenant
Lizzy Schoen – Ferawyn Bevogg
Greg Lane – Sir Ari Morgrave of the Longinus Knights
Hailey Hullin – Maginda
Daniel Kim – Kicero Aran

Stormreach group AKA Group B currently consists of:
Alex Anderson – Gideon Rosethorn
Luke Duncan – Bloody John Rackham
Bryan Owen – Minus Trecedim
Aaron Shaw – Iris D’Arenal
Zack Dunewind – Cathar
Kevin Pringle – Thoris

After that, take a look at the wiki.

Character Graveyard:

Zuggarod – Kevin Pringle – Dragon blooded orc – Mauled by a Dire Bear


Mox – Mason Fraker – Dwarf Bard – Died at the medically-untrained hands of Kicero after being fatally wounded by Ghularak


Guss – Luke Duncan – Changeling Factotum – Died in the Ash Cauldron by lowering himself and a Scorrow into lava via rod of rope.


Aliella Dragoon – Hailey Hullin – Human Monk – Died tackling her sister into a ravine to save her long-time friend Maginda.


Rom DUNEwind – Luke Duncan – Halfgiant Crusader/Ruby Knight Vindicator – Died to a thousand cuts from Protean Scourge scythes.


Sir Ari, Maginda, Desmond, Cathar*

These campaigns have now both finished! Thank you to my super special players for sticking with me and glad we all had fun :)

Constructive criticism from both groups about what I can do better next time:

  • Less prophecies
  • Be more prepared/clear for room descriptions. Write it out before hand so I don’t sound confusing in the heat of the game
  • More non-plot puzzles!
  • Character backstories for plot = great, don’t make them 1 on 1 affairs
  • Different roads to same end are okay sometimes, but include things with more open ended results. For example, a planned village defense and let the PCs choices play out naturally. Not strictly combat either, arrange some way to do a diplomatic encounter, but have varying end results instead of “your plan works”
  • More variation of obstacles, for example skill challenges
  • Again more dungeony adventures/puzzles
  • Learn more accents