Tentative List of Side Characters

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Weezle – servant of gamble
Jesse – adventurer in stormreach
Zurgok – adventurer in stormreach
Loi Bottomer – adventurer in stormreach
Edgar – pilot
Palamei – sebastian’s favorite actress and model
Jenkin – sebastian’s note taker
Mobl – dead goblin leader of graywall miners
Logaynne – gaunt grey gnoll drug dealer in stonejaw keep
Iboul ______ d’Ghallanda – twelve enchantment wizard
Venny – Iboul’s student, tried to cheat on his essay
Sir Domeric – Ex-werewolf paladin of the silver flame
Ellaria – his “niece”
Marrelas – Elven druid helping Declin find ferawyn
Tawzuiuidd’d – tried to usurp Drogan, very funny guy… er was
Yezz the Enameled and Buzz the Brown – gnoll generals, yezz is dead and has no afterlife
Zakira and Heidelise Bevogg – lithers mother and sister, heidelise is dead
Bugwitz – gifted hobgoblin necromancer/sorcerer, fled after being unable to control necromancy
Gromwell Thickfist “d’Kundarak” – the exile
Fimber Thickfist – the uncle
Vemma “Thickfist” the girl, fancies cormag
Fred the Ettercap – dead
Golb – Creepy bald dark orc mage with Ki, now a duergar
Chirp – dead bard (any other kind?)
Professor Garic “Dragontongue” – missing
Tagone – wyvern trainer “Claid” “Raghast” and “Egg” = his pets
Fenjorg – friendly frost giant
Zmovos – not-so-friendly fire giant
Clester – friendly cloud giant, fancies the arts and now works for sebastian
thuurm – storm giant scion
sam bruntwell – a dead peasant, ripped in half by iris
elmordo – elf model
sir martyn – jorlanna cannith’s personal bodyguard, a reserved and quiet man
scali medani – prince trelib’s nephew
Saeras and shiera vadallia – king and princess of valenar, shiera is betrothed to erintin lyrandar
lauren lassites – brolo’s daughter, now a coin lord


Tentative List of Side Characters

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