The Anachlean Favors

The gear of Anachleous the Hero


Anachleous the Hero was a very famous paladin. He was a terror to all things evil and a warrior of justice and light. The few who knew him personally claim he wasn’t very charismatic for a paladin, for it is said that he was shy and often clumsy with his words. Despite his introversion Anachleous was a powerful man, and received many awards for his good deeds. Nobody suspected him untimely death in The Gloaming of The Eldeen Reaches.

Various churches across Khorvaire had constant contact with Anachleous, and so when their connection was severed, they knew he was dead. All that was known about his death is that he died while braving The Gloaming in the Towering Wood of The Eldeen Reaches. The church has since issued “The Anachlean Favors.” This decree offers individual pieces of Anachleous’s panoply to those who accomplish specific tasks surrounding his death.

  • Anachleous’s Helm “Axiom” – Find where Anachleous died and report to a sponsoring church
  • Anachleous’s Sword “Sunstroke” – Find the cause of death and report to a sponsoring church
  • Anachleous’s Plate – Defeat or cleanse the cause of death
  • Anachleous’s Cape “Blightbane” – Recover as much of the body of Anachleous as possible and bring it to one of the sponsoring churches
  • Anachleous’s Pendant – Will be given to the new “Hero” deemed by the sponsoring churches after the completion of the other favors

The Anachlean Favors

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