Glenn's Eberron Campaign

Coterminous - Xen'drik Episode 19

Xen'drik Episode 19

Everyone in the world seemed to be having more and more dreams and nightmares. The party learned that this was a sign that Dal Quor (the plane of dreams) was getting closer to the Material Plane. However, through promise that Droaam would be left alone in peace, the PCs had won the vote from Droaam and won Jorlanna the Cannith election. Jorlanna made it her first order of business to work with the party to determine where the portals to Dal Quor would open when the planes became coterminous. The PCs told her about the white marble they had encountered at Bazek Mohl. Jorlanna suggested that while they were still near Droaam they should seek out Maagrim d’Tharashk and ask for her to use the power of her Siberys Mark of Finding to find the largest instance of white marble. The PCs traveled to Graywall and sought out Maagrim. Maagrim was happy to use her powers to aid the PCs, under the condition that should they have any big decisions to make in the future, they remember her and the great service that she was doing for them now.

She led them to a private room in the city and unleashed the power of her dragonmark. Her whole body surged with energy and she told the party that they were in luck, for the biggest source of white marble was nearby. They followed her to a old building that had an entrance to Khyber. Her powers ended there, but she said she was sure it was nearby in Khyber. The PCs followed a “road” of bio-luminescent mushrooms until they reached the Misty Mushroom Inn. The cavernous inn bordered a large underground lake and was inhabited by many bugbears and myconids, as well as a mindflayer barkeep. They wouldn’t let Gideon in with his Silver Flame getup so he morphed into a portly bugbear and threw a red poncho (painted with marvelous pigments) over his full plate. Many of the patrons were talking about their recent dreams or pillages. One of the unsavory bugbears groped Iris, who fled outside to play with the myconid children. John was in his natural element, and the bugbears told him to seek the wisdom of a bugbear woman on an island shack. The PCs traveled to the shack only to meet an insane bugbear woman. The PCs were annoyed with the jest and returned angrily to the bugbears, threatening to turn violent. Eventually they coaxed out that many Inspired had been passing through the inn and entering a place called the Ribbed Tunnel.

Following the trail, the PCs encountered and killed some Inspired scouts. They pressed ahead and ran into some powerful Inspired clerics and a beholder. The only casualty was Minus’s beloved horse Apple Blossom as she was paralyzed inside a blade barrier and blended. The PCs found a map on the corpse of one of the Inspired detailing the locations of various white marble portals. The largest, most notable one began right next to them, and spanned the ENTIRE coast of Droaam. The PCs, were horrified at the size of the portal and ascended back to the surface. Their initial intention was to search for a way to destroy the portal, but as soon as they left the limits of Graywall, they ran straight into the biggest dragon they had ever seen. The dragon spoke to the players in an earth-shaking voice, explaining a lot about the future of Eberron:

The dragons of Argonnessen had known about the return of Dal Quor for a while now. They had intentionally not destroyed the portals because they want the planes to become coterminous. The Dragons had been preparing for millennia to commit genocide and wipe out the Quori the moment the portals open.

The dragon then extended his wing to the players and said they need to talk. While flying on his enormous back over Droaam. He continued to explain that Droaam and Xen’drik would be the main battlegrounds for the Quori invasion tomorrow, but that the dragons are ready for the invasion. The plan was to kill all of the Quori and use the massive portal in Droaam to fly thousands of people through. However, because they have been in contemplation of The Draconic Prophecy for so long, the Dragons were unsure about who specifically they should focus on saving. The dragon told the PCs that several portions of The Draconic Prophecy lead the Dragons to come to the conclusion that the PCs would be the best people to decide who to save. The Dragons believed that the PCs had had a lot of interaction with the people of Eberron, and the Draconic Prophecy says they will do the best job of choosing who the Dragons should focus on saving. The massive dragon then flew them above the clouds revealing an army of dragons.

After MUCH deliberation, the PCs decided to tell the Dragons to focus their shuttling and protection to Dal Quor on the people of Stormreach. Their main reasoning was that Stormreach had good racial diversity and an exceptional populace of skilled people. The Dragons agreed and informed the PCs of the last stage of the plan. After the portals opened and the Dragons and Quori did battle on the Material Plane, the Dragons planned to crossover to the newly vacant Dal Quor. Essentially an empty Plane of Dreams, the Dragons would terraform a new planet.



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