Glenn's Eberron Campaign



The PCs rode on the back of the ancient dragon as it flew above the clouds, encircled by an army of dragons. The PCs knew today was the day that Dal Quor would once again become coterminous with the material plane of Eberron. The dragons rallied in Droaam, ready to commit genocide on the Quori the moment the portal that spanned the entire coast of Droaam opened. When they asked the PCs who they would like the dragons to protect and carry into the new world, the PCs talked it over for a while and decided that evacuating the city of Stormreach was the best and simplest plan of action. Stormreach was a racial mosh pit and also had an extraordinary populace, making it a great place to save and protect for the creation of a new world. The dragons accepted the request, and sent several dragons to Xen’drik to get ready to protect the city and shuttle the populace through to the portals to Dal Quor.

There was one more thing the dragons told the PCs. In addition to those they wanted to see safely brought to the new world, they also needed to each choose people they wanted to be “Forgers.” A Forger would have an active hand in the creation of the new world and a personal entourage of dragons to direct in sculpting the new world. They would essentially help orchestrate the forging of a new planet in Dal Quor to replace Eberron. The PCs began to make their own personal lists of people they would like to be Forgers.

As the dragons prepared for battle in Droaam, they sent the PCs ahead on Bloody John Rackam’s airship to warn the city of Stormreach. While the party sailed above the ocean, several Inspired mages flew out of the water and began barraging the ship with spells, attempting to destroy it. However the battle-hardened PCs and crew of the ship repelled the attackers with relative ease, even making one of the Inspired walk the plank to their death. As the sky grew redder and redder, the PCs appeared to be the only people trying to get into the city of Stormreach. The sky and water docks were both full of people fleeing the city. From their airship the PCs could also see hundreds of monsters and giants fleeing out from the jungles of Xen’drik and into the water. In their haste, several of them were drowning or already wounded from the Quori that were pouring into the jungles from the portal at Thunderwall.

Instead of the docks, Bloody John landed his airship in the center of the city. The PCs saw The Twelve, the Storm Lords, the Dragonmarked Houses, and the Silver Flame all in heated debate about what to do when the PCs stood in the middle of them and explained that everyone should gear up for the defense of the city. Dal Quor was now coterminous with the material plane, and the Quori were coming to wipe out everything. The people began to stir but the PCs slightly comforted them by saying that while they defended the city against the Quori invasion, the dragons of Argonessan would be shuttling groups of them through the portal to Dal Quor at Thunderwall. The whole city then armed itself in preparation.

The PCs had agreed earlier not to tell anyone about the position of Forger, to prevent conflict among the people of Stormreach. Despite the agreement, Minus Trecedim secretly offered his cultist father an assured position as a Forger. While people scrambled about, rumors spread about the PCs having a huge say in who would survive, and many wanted to be prioritized by the dragons to assure their survival. As more and more dragons arrived to help in the defense of the city, people began approaching the PCs. Specifically, Bloody John had every Storm Lord approach him and ask for guaranteed safe passage. First, the halfling harbormaster Dorrian Wylkeses approached John, asking to be safely guided through. Because the two were friends, John ordered an elite squad of dragons to carry Dorrian through, while secretly planning to make him a Forger as well. Next to approach the pirate was Brolo Lassites’s daughter: Lauren Lassites. She recognized that they had not had the best of relationships in the past (her family had tried to kill him and the PCs twice) but forced out an apology and begged John for mercy. She would do anything she could for his help, knowing she was damned without it. After a brief silence, John burst out laughing in her face, laughing nearly to the point of tears until Lauren was red in the face with rage and embarrassment. John finally replied with a resounding “Hell no” and offered to her crew that anyone who did want to live could now follow him. Almost her entire crew left her, leaving her with one ship and only a handful of pirates. She fought tears, and boarded her ship with the little dignity that remained, and set sail for the portal. It wasn’t long before the PCs saw her ship overturned by Quori, and her body ripped limb from limb.

Additionally, Gideon was approached by the Silver Flame. and they demanded that he make it through, for he was one of the best paladins on the planet and needed to herald the Silver Flame into the new world. They even gave him the helmet of Anachleus, a minor artifact infused with powerful divine magic. Gideon was touched, but still objected, saying it was his duty as a paladin to die so as many Silver Flame members as possible could make it through. A higher up official then informed Gideon that Jaela Daran, the Mouth of the Silver Flame, had specifically decreed that Gideon Rosethorn should make it through to represent the Silver Flame. Gideon recognized this was a blatant lie to try and convince him to not give his own life but decided to play along with the lie and obey nonetheless, inspired by how much his life meant to his people.

Many of the Twelve tried to cut deals with the PCs, but the PCs told everyone else that their fates were left to who the dragons were able to pick up and they would issue special protection to no one else.

Stormreach was then ready for battle. As the sky turned a blood red color and Quori poured out of the jungles of Xen’drik. They also poured out of rifts in the sky itself, throwing themselves at the walls of Stormreach. The two forces clashed and immediately spells began to tear apart the land as giants, dragons, the lesser races, several monsters and Quori all died in troves. While the PCs held the main gate, dragons began grabbing people and making a beeline for the portal to Dal Quor at Thunderwall. When some particularly menacing Quori emerged from the jungles, the PCs threw themselves into the fray, unleashing all of their might. Iris leapt from the wall and cut a powerful Quori in half with her magically enhanced claws, freeing a previously grappled Minus who shot down several more Quori. Then the Ragewalker, the enormous Quori they had stopped at Bazek Mohl, emerged from the jungle. It did a good amount of damage to the surrounding area (as well as the party) but the PCs were just too strong. They unleashed one powerful blow after the next into the alien, bringing it down before it could break into Stormreach.

After the Ragewalker died they had a short respite. They turned to see Stormreach in flames, but most of the city had already been evacuated, killed, or lay dying. They also saw their old friend Clester the cloud giant leaning up against the wall, but only the top half of him. Iris rushed to her friend’s aid, and said she would miss him. Clester responded not with kind words but by screaming at the little shifter girl to grow up and face reality. The entire race of cloud giants was now gone, and they would soon cease to exist. This was not a silly game, he told Iris, for Clester’s entire race had been wiped out. She was not just an innocent little girl, she was a caged beast waiting to rip apart nearly any foe, and if she didn’t learn to control that power, she wouldn’t be able to save others that she loved and cared about. Clester died shortly after his speech. Iris then shifted, but for the first time, remained in control. She was no longer a little girl, but a woman, and a warrior.

Shortly after, the PCs saw Erintin Lyrandar with his newly wed wife in one hand, and rapier in the other showering his foes with daggers. In short, he said there was no way he would rather go out, and as Quori came at him from every side, he fought tooth and nail before dying in a blaze of glory.

Finally, when the PCs were the only ones who remained amid the rubble and ruin of Stormreach, the very ground underneath their feet rumbled and eight dragons arose from from the earth. Each had a wingspan of half a mile and a distinct biome on its back. The PCs began in a jungle biome, and the other seven dragons formed a ring around the PCs, and began speeding toward the portal at Thunderwall. The biome dragons were quickly surrounded by a tunnel of thousands of Quori, determined not to let the PCs through. They blazed past Lyrandar and pirate airships and barreled through trees like they were not even there. Everything flew by as the dragons protected the PCs on their way to Dal Quor. Despite the shield created by the biome dragons, many Quori were still able to slip through and hamper the dragon the PCs were on. Additionally, a the most powerful type of Quori (a Kalaraq Quori or “Dream Lord”) began an attack against the PCs directly. They had to deal with the hundreds of Quori attacking their ride, the power of the Dream Lord, and the natural hazards of the biome they were in.

The battle was long and epic, with various biome hazards claiming the life of Minus’s new horse, and Thoris’s brother Carter. John, Minus, and Iris were able to hold off the legions long enough to make safe transfers to other biome dragons, but five of the eight still died to the constant attacks of the Quori. Minus even died and came back to life via revivify during the battle. Gideon, Cathar, and Thoris focused their powers on the Kalaraq Quori. Despite his waves of psionic energy, his disjunction , and his insanity aura the PCs were able to slay all of their foes and push through to Dal Quor. However, not before Cathar was killed by the powerful magic of the Dream Lord.

Upon entering, the PCs saw more dragons breathing into a core, slowly forming a new planet. They also saw numerous black clouds holding up the thousands of people that had been saved by the dragons.

The PCs were deposited onto a black cloud holding about 200 people, including Minus’s father. The people seemed to have heard about the Forgers and were bickering as to who would get the amazing opportunity to help create the new planet. The PCs interjected into the childish argument and screamed that they were tasked with choosing the Forgers. People were still upset until a cleric stepped in to advocate for the PCs, recognizing them as The Party of the 13th Plane. Despite the testament to their character, a gnome stepped forward and demanded he be named a Forger. When asked for his name, he responded “Vase.” The PCs pulled him aside and, remembering the prophecy from earlier, took him by the ankles and shook him upside down. Realizing this was probably not what the prophecy meant by “turn,” Thoris then used his turn undead ability and disintegrated Vase, revealing him to have been a vampire. The PCs came back onto the cloud and Gideon told the people exactly what had happened. The display finally seemed to quiet the crowds, making things a lot easier for the PCs.

Minus was then approached by his father, Jiril. Before he could say much, Minus felt something invade his mind. He lifted his bow and put an arrow through his father’s chest. He got a telepathic message from his powerful magical bow saying it had been good the whole time and sensed the evil in Minus. Although it knew Minus was evil, it did sense some good so it decided to bide its time because it could not in good conscience allow a man as vile as Jiril to become a Forger. As Jiril choked on his own blood, his last words were “You have proved better at one thing than your sister… disappointing those you love.” To which Minus responded “F*** YOU DAD!” and shot a second arrow through his head. Thoris, horrified and confused, rushed over and used a scroll of revivify to raise Jiril. However, Minus promptly kicked Jiril’s body off the black cloud into the ectoplasmic void of Dal Quor. Minus explained the situation, and revealed he planned to use his place others who had wronged him on his personal Forger list (such as the fire giant Zmovos, the kobold Gamble, the Lord of Blades) to secure their protection to Dal Quor just to kill them himself.

Other than that, a dragon came to collect the list of names from each PC for who they wanted to be Forgers. Some of those they named didn’t make it into the now Quori-less plane of Dal Quor, but a majority had been successfully transported. After collecting their lists the dragon departed to rally all of the Forgers.

Eventually the PCs were called up to be Forgers themselves. They joined those on their lists as all the Forgers floated up to surround the core of the new planet and began directing the dragons in the construction of a new planet.

A few remaining dragons turned around and destroyed the portal to Eberron, and everyone took one last glimpse before turning their attention to the new material plane.

The lists, repeated names were not typed a second time, nor were people who were dead:

Gideon – Jaela Daran, Jorlanna Cannith, Sir Domeric, Sir Ari Morgrave, Dorrian Wylkeses, Kelmar (a cleric friend), giants (in general)
Bloody John – Edgar the pilot, Wendy the halfling and her husband Kelvin
Iris – Myconids, House Jorasco, “santa” (Baron Yoren Ghallanda), Prince Trelib Medani, Palamei, adventurers (in general)
Minus – Shroomy (killed shortly after being rescued), that one valenar elf from the horse competition (also killed by Minus), Genna Jorasco, Sir Martyn, Sebastian Relothi
Thoris – Shaggori, Mom, Dad, Uncle, Eilonna, Saeras Vadallia, Serenese (in general), that pretty girl from Karrnath/women who will marry me (in general), that stable boy I screwed over in the horse competition



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