Glenn's Eberron Campaign

Rekindling - Xen'rik Episode 18

Xen'drik Episode 18

After going to some of the contested nations of Khorvaire, the PCs returned to Jorlanna with tales of their success. Jorlanna was exceedingly pleased, and the group prepared for the vote by heading to Thronehold, a castle in the middle of all three of the Cannith siblings’ domains. Shortly after their arrival the PCs saw the followers of Jorlanna, Zorlan, and Merrix gathering in the forum room where the vote was to be held. The voters came up and placed their votes on the central table.

Each sibling got the votes from the nations they held dominion over. Zorlan only received a bonus vote from the Shadow Marches. However, his smug look was quickly vanquished when Jorlanna received the votes from Valenar and Q’Barra. Merrix’s only bonus vote was from the Talenta Plains. Everyone began to congratulate Jorlanna on her victory with the 4:5:4 vote distribution. However, the sounds of battle could be heard from outside the forum. Merrix arose and said “Sister, brother, there is a nation that has been dear to Khorvaire but has not received recognition. The leader himself is here to cast his vote.” The Lord of Blades then kicked down the door and his warforged soldiers poured into the forum from every direction. Among the soldiers were Argent and Mana, both clearly under The Lord of Blades’ control. In his deep rattling voice he announced his vote for Merrix, making it a tie election. However, he asserted that because the warforged were a superior race, his vote should break the tie. The PCs disagreed.

A bloody and oily battle ensued, with Argent and Mana obeying his every command. Many innocents were slaughtered by the legions of warforged who poured into the forum. The PCs quickly slew Mana, but it was hard for them to fight their old friend Argent. Argent kept himself alive for awhile with a delay death spell, and almost killed Gideon Rosethorn, but while Gideon lay bleeding on the ground, he noticed the dull grey docent that had been placed within Argent and understood their old friend was being forced to do this. Wiht great sadness for the fellow worshiper of the Silver Flame, Gideon drove a knife through the docent, tears streaming down his face. With the docent damaged, Argent withheld the lethal blow from Gideon as oil dripped from his eyes, giving the appearance of tears. Argent then crumbled to pieces atop Gideon. With the help of Jorlanna’s bodyguard Sir Martyn, the PCs were able to finally kill the small army as well as the Lord of Blades, but not without casualties. Jorlanna, Minus, Llathandar, Argent, and Mana were all slain. Fortunately, Prince Trelib Medani was able to steal away Jorlanna’s corpse and use his vast wealth to get her resurrected. The Lord of Blades released a mechanical messenger upon death, but the PCs did not give chase and instead looted the legendary Lord of Blades, gathering enough rare materials to get Minus raised from the dead as well. The party reconvened with Jorlanna and Trelib away from Thronehold. The good news was that Zorlan and his three nations had dropped out of the race and the vote of the Mournland was not being counted. The bad news was that the Shadow Marches switched their vote to Merrix, leaving the total at five to five. However, Thronehold had word that the civil war in Droaam had ended, so the nation of monsters could now cast a vote. Despite the news that they had not yet lost, Jorlanna’s confidence that they could win Droaam’s vote was low. She admitted that the reason for her yearlong hiatus was her romance with Trelib. The two were in love and she became pregnant with his child. That child was named Ovandar d’Tarkanan and he was born with an abberrant mark. They tried to foster him secretly in Droaam, but he eventually severed ties with both of his parents. Jorlanna’s spies had informed her that her bastard son had fallen in with the new leaders of Droaam. The weight of the world on their shoulders, the PCs still set for Droaam with high hopes of winning the vote from the new rulers: the famed Silent Slaughterers.



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