Glenn's Eberron Campaign

Stormreach Doesn't Forget - Xen'drik Episode 16

Xen'drik Episode 16

Upon returning to Stormreach, the PCs now had a clear mission: get Jorlanna elected. Who was this Jorlanna though, and how does she fit in to the end of the world? After some quick research, the PCs found out that the head of House Cannith, Starrin d’Cannith, died on the Day of Mourning before he could name his heir from his three children: Merrix, Jorlanna, and Zorlan. The PCs found out that Jorlanna was currently operating in The Eldeen Reaches, and after Chucky’s ship left they needed a way back to Khorvaire. At first they asked House Lyrandar, but they were too caught up in other matters to supply a ship. The PCs then sought out Dorrian Wylkeses, the Harbormaster of Stormreach. Dorrian said he would give the PCs his fastest ship if they helped him with some attacks on his goods. The attacks followed a clear pattern so Dorrian knew where they would strike next. The PCs agreed but were wary of possible betrayal.

The doors to Dorrian’s warehouse were locked and the party heard scuffling about and readied for an attack. Eventually two Protean Scourges attacked the party and after several terrible mishaps they multiplied extremely quickly. The party was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of scourges, and Iris crushed her bead of friendship to summon Clester the Cloud Giant back at the festival of giants. Even despite Clester’s help, Rom DUNEwind fell the the countless scythes of the Protean Scourges. The PCs were eventually victorious and returned to Dorrian. Dorrian said he knew a pirate bound for the Eldeen Reaches named Bloody Jon Rackham and that he was waiting in the harbor for the PCs. Dorrian also said he was paid to not tell the PCs many things, but gave them two scrolls of dismissal and hinted that they would be attacked on their journey across the Thunder Sea.

Sure enough, when they passed over Three Barrel Cove they were pursued by several Lassites airships. With the help of Bloody Jon’s maneuvering (dropping anchor over one airship and pulling it into another), and the scrolls of dismissal the party sank or destroyed most of their attackers’ ships. However, some elite pirates and a their old enemy Brown Boil boarded Rackham’s ship and assaulted the party. After a disgusting battle with the sewage filled Scrag, Iris rended open his stomach, said the command word to turn off his decanter of endless water, and ripped it out of his chest with her teeth. Brown Boil was then beaten into unconsciousness and the party deposited his corpse into their friendly neighborhood volcano.

They continued to The Eldeen Reaches but were again pursued, this time by a ship filled with powder kegs. With some well-placed cannons the party blew up the airship just before landing in Jorlanna Cannith’s camp, her only response being “Your reputation precedes you.”



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