Glenn's Eberron Campaign

The Edge of the World - Xen'drik Episode 15

Xen'drik Episode 15

The players finally made it to Thunderwall after being escorted by the giant Scions. Iris finished her rage by killing a few more giants then passing out, her little body not able to hold the elixir. Just as she collapsed, several hooded figures teleported into the giant party and began asking for Chucky and Iris very forcefully. The giants were too incoherent from the Plant Drinking that they couldn’t respond to the hooded figures. The hooded figures then attacked the giants and Chucky animated himself took Iris and fled toward the rest of the party who had been chosen as Cohorts. As the group arrived at The Great Sky Temple, the Scions cut themselves and a piece of their Cohorts and placed the drops of blood in an eldritch machine. Then the giants entered the temple, leaving only their death giant leader outside. The Cohorts were lined up in front of freestanding wall that the eldritch machine appeared to project onto. Once the machine was fueled the only thing left to do was to pull the lever to turn it on. Before the death giant leader could pull it, the hooded figures appeared, revealing themselves to be raksasha. The leader got in an argument with the death giant over who got to pull the lever, and the argument eventually turned violent and many raksasha, as well as the death giant, were killed. The raksasha leader then sealed the Scions inside the temple and killed all the cohorts save for the PCs. While he was distracted, Thoris (remembering Ori’s prophecy), pulled the lever himself, which projected a Draconic Prophecy onto the screen. With the Idol of Bolol in his possession, Thoris was able to read the otherwise incomprehensible writing:

“Dal Quor will become coterminous with the material plane before the end of the year and when it does Eberron will be destroyed. The world will be remade if Jorlanna wins the election and the Gnomish vase is turned.”

The raksasha, now furious, attacked the PCs. As things heated up, Minus took the still unconscious Iris and fled up the mountain, revealing a MASSIVE gateway made of the giant material that the Inspired said was perfect for merging planes. This was clearly the perfect location to merge Dal Quor with the material plane. Minus, horrified by the fact that this gateway could fit an army of Quori (even dozens of the Ragewalkers they encountered at Bazek Mohl), stared in awe. Meanwhile, the raksasha were barely defeated by the rest of the party. The giants escaped the temple and the PCs left Chucky inside the temple after he told them he wished to stay. The party then returned to Stormreach on an airship summoned by Chucky, where they met a friend of Chucky’s named Cathar.



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