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Two Against One - Xen'drik Episode 17

Xen'drik Episode 17

The party explained to Jorlanna d’Cannith that they wanted to help her win the election to become the head of House Cannith. They told her that the world was at stake if she did not win. Jorlanna thought this was a somewhat melodramatic claim, but was pleased to have such famous supporters to her campaign.

The PCs did some digging about the state of Jorlanna’s campaign. Possibly her strongest supporter was House Medani, particularly Jorlanna’s childhood friend Prince Trelib d’Medani. Her campaign was hindered by many factors: she was the middle child of Starrin Cannith, a woman, and did not have a dragonmark or a husband. It was clear that she had many suitors from House Cannith approach her, but she had turned them all down. One of the biggest hits to her campaign was her mysterious one year hiatus from the campaign for reasons that were very foggy. Although the campaign was still operated, she did not publically appear for an entire year of the three year campaign. The three siblings could not go to war because after The Last War ended with The Day of Mourning, House Cannith was left devoid of a military, and the government of Khorvaire would not allow any more fighting between dragonmarked houses. Each controlled the House Cannith operation in three nations of Khorvaire:

Jorlanna – Aundair, Thrane, Eldeen Reaches
Merrix – Breland, Zilargo, Darguun
Zorlan – Karrnath, Mror Holds, Lhazaar Principalities

The remaining nations (the Demon Wastes, Shadow Marches, Droaam, Q’barra, Mournland, Valenar, and the Talenta Plains) remained neutral on the matter. However, the Demon Wastes and Mournland were not recognized as sovereign nations and Droaam was in the middle of a civil war (see Droaam adventure log).

The PCs met with Jorlanna and she dispatched them to Valenar, the Talenta Plains, and Q’barra in hopes they could sway them out of neutrality.

Using Bloody Jon’s airship, the party first traveled to Q’barra. The people of Adderport were having a problem with Dragons coming over from Argonnessen and pillaging the coast. The PCs immediately flew straight towards the coast. A massive storm raged so Rackham flew above the clouds. A few moments later, a massive gold dragon rose out of the clouds to meet them. Its immensely powerful fire breath destroyed the front of the ship and set it on fire. Rackham was knocked unconsciousness immediately. Iris rushed a healing potion to Rackham’s lips, helping him back to his feet. The crew scrambled in fear before Rackham took back the wheel and rammed the beast with the airship. The ship lodged in the Dragon’s chest, killing it instantly. Moments later, the storm receded from the shore. The crew fired a harpoon through the gold Dragon and dragged it into Adderport. Q’barra then pledged to vote for Jorlanna.

Next the PCs traveled to Valenar, where they met the lord Saeras Vadallia and his daughter Shiera Vadallia. In short, Saeras desired for Valenar to marry into House Medani. Saeras demanded for his daughter Shiera to marry Prince Trelib Medani. He allowed the party access to a sending stone and they called Trelib. Trelib respectfully declined, but offered his nephew Scali Medani, a boy of 15. The party relayed this to Saeras who was terribly insulted. He proclaimed his daughter was only fit for a prince. The only other house with presence in Valenar was House Lyrandar, so the PCs asked to use the sending stone one last time. In a desperate attempt the party called their dearest friend Erintin d’Lyrandar. Although he was busy rescuing a damsel and fighting pirates in a storm, Erintin asked why he had to marry this princess. The PCs said if he didn’t the world would end and not be remade. Erintin simply replied with “I knew the world would end in my lifetime.” The idea of saving the world by marrying a beautiful princess was quite appealing. Erintin agreed to marry Shiera and promised 25 ships to the Vadallia family, planning the wedding night for new year’s eve. Delighted, Saeras then promised to vote for Jorlanna.

Next the PCs traveled to the Talenta Plains and the capital of Gatherhold. Amid the strange sea of halflings and dinosaurs, the PCs quickly realized that the only pressing issue was leftover Cannith war supplies that littered the border to the Mournland. Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda proved hospitable, but he and the other leaders of the Talenta Plains seemed largely uninterested in the Cannith politics, and there was too much war machinery for the PCs alone to clean up. Eventually Baron Yoren said he already had the issue taken care of. The PCs set out to return to Jorlanna.



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