The Eldeen Reaches

Capital Greenheart
Ruler Oalian
Population 500,000
Human 45%
Half-elves 16%
Shifters 16%
Gnomes 7%
Halflings 7%
Orcs 3%
Elves 3%
Other 3%
Religions Druidic Sects, Cult of the Dragon Below, Sovereign Host
Exports Agriculture, animal husbandry

The Eldeen Reaches are covered by heavy forest, though some cities have formed around the borders of Breland and Aundair.

The Eldeen Reaches are bordered by Lake Galifar and the Wynarn River in the east, Silver Lake in the south, Byeshk Mountains in the southwest, Shadowcrag Mountains and Icehorn Mountains in the northwest and Eldeen Bay in the northeast. The Demon Wastes border the northwest, Aundair on the eastern border, Breland on the southeast, and Droaam and The Shadow Marches to the southwest. Though the Lightning Rail does not pass through the Eldeen Reaches, House Orien roadways pass through the lower southeast of the nation, around Lake Galifar.

The main power groups of The Eldeen Reaches are the five druidic sects. The five sects and their general description are as follows:

The Ashbound are an extreme druidic order, who consider all arcane and divine magic (outside of druidic magic) to be “unnatural”. They seek to protect all wilderness and consider even common agriculture to be outside the natural balance. They prefer to avoid bloodshed, but the more severe elements within the order are not above terroristic attacks to make their point.

Children of Winter
The Children of Winter are the darkest of Khorvaire’s druidic traditions and seek to cleanse the land of the blight of civilization through death. They believe the end of the current age is at hand and often will endeavor to help it along, believing that the fittest will survive to repopulate in the new spring that is to follow the coming winter. The Mournland is evidence of the coming end in the minds of the Children of Winter.

The Gatekeepers are a druidic sect dedicated to keeping Eberron free of “unnatural” external influences, and this order has battled extraplanar invasions and aberrations for centuries. The Gatekeepers are the oldest druidic tradition on the continent of Khorvaire, having descended from the followers of Vvaraak, a black dragon that taught orcs in the Shadow Marches the secrets to the natural world 15,000 years ago.
It was 7,000 years later that the Gatekeepers had their first real test and had to fight to stop the daelkyr invasion. Gatekeepers seek to defend nature against aberrations, outsiders, undead and other unnatural horrors. While diminished in size, the order remains vigilant and maintains a relatively friendly relationship with the Wardens of the Wood, the largest druidic order on Khorvaire.

The Greensingers are a druidic sect native to the Eldeen Reaches. Keeping in spirit with the fey the revere, the sect is chaotic and worships by reveling and dancing in the wild woods.

Wardens of the Wood
The largest and most influential of the druidic sects of Khorvaire is the Wardens of the Wood. The Wardens are primarily human but include other races.
During the Last War, the Wardens became the de facto governing body of the Eldeen Reaches after Aundair abandoned the region. The Warden’s rallied the people to defend their lands against bandit raiders and foreign nations with designs on their abundant woodlands and plains. The Wardens are respected and well-liked thoughout the Eldeen Reaches.
The Order seeks to maintain a balance between civilization and nature, and is in many ways the most liberal of the druidic sects. They have no problem with agriculture or animal husbandry as long as the land and its creatures are not ill-treated or abused. And they often work with farmers and ranchers to help them prosper while maintaining a proper balance with nature.

Eldeen reaches


  • The Gloaming
    The Gloaming is a manifest zone of Mabar, the Endless Night, located in the southern parts of the Eldeen Reaches’ Towering Wood. Here the beauty and splendor of the forest, changes to parasite infested malformed trees, where monstrous insects prey on any wanderer. It is said that negative energy has special power here, and that much worse than giant insects rule this god-forsaken forest.

The Eldeen Reaches

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